Phased re-opening of Colchester Rifle Club - Trial Period

The committee are following the current guidance from both the government and the NSRA to be able to open up the 50 Metre range for shooting with restrictions in place as listed below. We welcome all members who are able to and feel comfortable to do so to start to enjoy our sport again safely. Any concerns please contact a member of the committee. Please note the below restrictions are for a trial period and all being successful the range will open up further in accordance with the latest guidance.

These guidelines must be strictly adhered to by all members attending the premises and will be closely monitored; the committee has the right to refuse bookings if anyone does not adhere to these rules. They will be open to change at short notice as and when we receive further guidance and please note that due to current improvement works on the 25-yard range contractors will take priority and bookings may be altered to accommodate this.

Please do not attend the range if you are currently experiencing Coronavirus symptoms including:

  •  New continuous cough
  •  High temperature (>37.8°C)
  •  Change or lack of sense of taste and smell

Please ensure you are 7 days clear of your last symptom before attending, or 14 days if someone in your household has developed symptoms.

If you develop symptoms within 7 days of visiting the range, please inform us by emailing:

this is so we can notify anyone that may have attended with you.

Who can and cannot attend at this stage?

  • Each member should read the current government guidance regarding shielding, advice for vulnerable groups and accessing outdoor sports prior to accessing the club to ensure they are safe to do so based on their personal situation.
  • We are not able to support any new members, anyone requiring 1-1 assistance where the 2 Metre social distancing rule is unable to be maintained or anyone using club equipment.
  • Only those who have a pre-booked attendance slot can attend the range.
  • All shooters will have needed to have completed their 50 Metre range induction, if you haven’t completed this yet it may still be able to take place. Your section captain will need to confirm you are competent to shoot outside and then your section captain or the 50 Metre range manager can take you through the induction and paperwork. This will need to be booked in via to monitor the amount of people on the range and once you have completed the induction you can then book a slot to shoot.
  • We are currently opening up 5 firing points on the 50 Metre range for shooting and allowing 6 members on the premises.

Booking a slot

  • Anyone attending the club for both shooting and non-shooting purposes will need to book their attendance to ensure we are adhering to the social distancing and maximum persons’ rules.
  • There is an online calendar detailing the available days and times slots, please email for details and to request access. We are restricting all members to a 2½ hour slot.
    •  2 hours for shooting
    •  30 minutes to pack up and safely change over with the next squad.
  • To book a slot, simply email at least 24 hours in advance of your requirement. Confirmation of your booking time and firing point will be sent to you by the evening of the day of booking.
  • An update will be sent to you the day before you are due to attend to inform you who will also be attending with you.
    • If you are alone then you will need to organise your own 2nd person, they will also need to ensure they are able to attend as per the government shielding advice and that they only go on the 50 Metre range.
    • If 2-5 shooters are attending one will need to be a shooting range officer unless you wish to organise a non-shooting range officer.
  • Booking can be made on a rolling fortnight basis and are restricted to 1 slot per each weekday or 1 weekend slot per member.

General Rules

  • Whilst emergency PPE will be provided up the club each member will be required to supply their own gloves, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes to avoid a breach in safety as we cannot guarantee the club will always have a full supply. Members are also requested to bring a suitable bag for taking away their used PPE and wipes for disposal at home following government guidelines.
  • We would ask members to be mindful of utilising the whole week due to the restricted slots at a weekend and those that are able to attend in the week please do so to allow those still working to have priority to the weekend slots.
  • Everyone is expected to abide by the 2 metre social distancing rule at all times.
  • Only enter the 25-yard range if you need to use the toilet and ensure this is one at a time and you follow current handwashing guidance of using soap and washing for up to 20 seconds and clean all surfaces touched afterwards.
  • No food or drink is to be prepared on the range and please keep food/drink brought onto the premises to a minimum, which is then only to be consumed in your car.
  • If you arrive and have not booked a slot or have not arranged an ammunition purchase prior to arrival expect to be turned away by those currently shooting to ensure safety and it will be recorded.