Colchester Rifle Club

Is a highly active club, and its members undertake many varied shooting disciplines.

We have a forward-looking membership, with an eye to the advancement of each individual's shooting abilities and in the club's facilities.

The club has members who are experienced coaches and instructors, and several members are qualified range officers for both small-bore shooting and full-bore shooting on military ranges.

The club is comprised of two sections, each of which pursue differing shooting disciplines

  • Precision Section - Which caters for individuals whose interest is Prone Target Rifle Shooting.
  • Sporting Rifle & Pistol Section - For individuals interested in a wider range of shooting activities, including Air Pistol, Air Rifle and .22LR small bore rifles.

Members are able to participate in one or both sections depending on their particular shooting interests.


Both sections of the club organise internal competitions within their section and also take part in external competitions against other shooting clubs.

Club Membership

Colchester Rifle Club is very much a hands-on club, and members are encouraged to get involved in whatever capacity they feel able to provide.

The current success of the club is purely down to individuals who freely give up their time to run ranges, organise competitions, supervise and train new members. Plus, a variety of other tasks that go largely unseen, but which are critical to the operation of the club.

The club is its members!


Colchester Rifle Club has 3 ranges, two outdoors and one indooor range.


Five lanes (firing points) which can be setup for any of the following:

  •  10 Metre - Air Rifle & Air Pistol (with automatic target changers).
  •  20 Metre
  •  25 Yard


  •  50 Metre - With 12 firing points.
  •  100 Yards - With 8 firing points.

Air Pistols & Rifles of .177 calibre may be used on the indoor 10 Metre Range, .22 calibre Rim-Fire rifles may be used on all other indoor and outdoor ranges. In addition, Air Rifles may be used on the outdoor 50 Metre range.

Contact Us

If you have an interest in target rifle shooting of almost any description, or are wishing to start in the sport, then please email us for further information:

We are a friendly, sociable club and always welcoming to new members. Please see joining page for further details

Probationary Members

Friday, 17th March 2023
We are slowly beginning to take on Probationary Members following an unprecedented amount interest following the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are limited to the amount of applicants that we can admit at any one time. This is due to the requirement by law of one-to-one supervision during the six month probationary period which is, of course, given freely by existing Full Members.

Please bear with us if your request for Probationary Membership is taking a long time to process.

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