Friday, 17th March 2023

We are slowly beginning to take on Probationary Members following an unprecedented amount interest following the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are limited to the amount of applicants that we can admit at any one time. This is due to the requirement by law of one-to-one supervision during the six month probationary period which is, of course, given freely by existing Full Members.

Please bear with us if your request for Probationary Membership is taking a long time to process.

Joining Colchester Rifle Club

If you have an interest in target rifle shooting of almost any description or are wishing to start in the sport, then Colchester Rifle Club looks forward to hearing from you.

Applicants under the age of 18 will require the approval of a parent or guardian

Becoming a member of the club is a two-stage process

  • Initially you join as a probationary member, which normally lasts for a period of 6 months.
  • Once your probationary period is complete you can then apply to become a full member, should you wish to do so.

Please see below for further information, or email

for more details.


Probationary Membership


Home Office guidelines stipulate that new club members must serve a probationary period before they can be considered for full membership. The probationary period at Colchester Rifle Club is 6 months.

During the 6 month period, probationary members must regularly attend and shoot at the club on the designated probationary days, which are as follows:

Precision Section
Wednesdays, 19:00 onwards (by arrangement).
Sporting Rifle & Pistol Section
Saturday morning, 10:00 12:30.

If it is felt by the club that a probationer has not attended on a sufficiently regular basis, then the probationary period may be extended beyond 6 months.


The fees for the 6 month probationary period are detailed below:

Prices valid till 31st October 2021
1st MonthFinal 5 months
Note:  Ammunition, Air Pellets and Targets are not included in the above.



Before attending the club, please download and complete the following forms:

Probationary Membership Application
Referee [two referees required, one completed form from each]

Please obtain two passport type photographs of yourself, one to be endorsed as a true likeness by one of your referees. These will need to be presented on your first visit along with the above forms.


Please have £10 with you for your first month of probationary membership

If any of the above are missing or incomplete on the first visit, your probationary membership application may unfortunately be delayed.
Arrange Visit

Finally, please email

to arrange your first visit.

First Visit

When you arrive at the club, please ask for the Club Secretary or Section Captain, they will:

  • Go through your paperwork and ensure all is in order.
  • Give you a receipt for your initial £10 fee.
  • Give you a tour of the club and its ranges.
  • Walk you through the procedures you must follow every time you attend the club.
  • Answer any questions you have.

Note:  In accordance with club rules and Home Office guidelines you will be unable to participate in any shooting activities on your first visit.

Probationary Membership Period

First Month

Your first month probationary period begins the week following your initial visit, at which time you will have the opportunity to shoot under the guidance and supervision of a full club member.

Please ensure you bring cash with you, as:

  • You will need to purchase targets each visit.
  • Unless you are an FAC holder with your own ammunition, you will need to periodically purchase ammunition.
  • You will need to purchase Air Pellets if you choose to shoot Air Pistol/Rifle.

[Cheques acceptable for larger amounts, no card facilities at present]

Warning:  Please be aware that it is an offence punishable by 5 years in prison and an unlimited fine if you take ammunition away from site prior to having it entered on your FireArms Certificate. If you are not an FAC holder then you must hand over any ammunition in your possession to a club official before leaving the premises (it will be stored securely on your behalf and may be retrieved on your next visit).

Remainder of probationary period

Hopefully you will have enjoyed your first month at Colchester Rifle Club and wish to continue shooting. If so, you will need to pay the remainder of your probationary fee at the beginning of the second month, as detailed below:

Prices valid till 31st October 2021

Final month

As you enter your final month of probation, please give some thought as to whether or not you wish to become a full member of the club.

Becoming a full member of the club

  • obviously allows you to continue shooting, but also permits you to shoot on days other than the allotted probationer days and also at other times of the day.
  • enables you to apply to your local Police authority for a FireArms Certificate, should you wish to own your own firearms.

If you are interested, then please download and complete the first page (leave the two monetary entries blank)

The Annual Subscription for Colchester Rifle Club runs concurrent with its financial year from 1st November to 31st October. Therefore, your subscription for your initial application will most likely be a pro-rata amount for the remaining months of the financial year (unless you join on 1st November!).

Please present the completed form to the Club Secretary or Section Captain, who will fill out page 2 and calculate the pro-rata subscription amount and answer any questions you may have. You will need to present a cheque, cash, or complete a bank transfer for the subscription amount before your application to go forwards for approval.

Your application will be put forward for consideration at the next club committee meeting and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible. Please be aware that on rare occasions your application may be declined, and in such circumstances the decision of the committee is final, and they will be unable to discuss the reasons for the rejection.

As mentioned earlier. If it is felt by the club that you have not attended on a sufficiently regular basis, then the probationary period may be extended beyond 6 months and you will not be able to apply for full membership until the revised period has been completed.


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