Process for Arrival

 Non-Shooting Attendance 
  •   If you are the 1st one to arrive open the gate, clean the lock and sanitise your hands.
  •   Park your car 3 Metres away from other cars in the car park.
  •     Do not sign the attendance book in the 25 yard range as your electonic booking will count as a record of attendance.
  •   Do not go onto the 50 Metre range whilst there are shooters on the range.
  •   Please avoid the car park during the changeover of details.
  •   Do not go into the 25 Yard club room throughout the day, only for toileting if necessary (if you need to use the toilet and ensure this is one at a time and you follow current handwashing guidance of using soap and washing for up to 20seconds and clean all surfaces touched afterwards).
  •   Ensure you clean any surfaces you come into contact with and are regularly sanitising your hands.