Process for Arrival

 Shooting Attendance 
  •   If you are the 1st one to arrive open the gate, clean the lock and sanitise your hands.
  •   Park 3 Metres away from any cars in the car park and head straighht to the 50 Metre range with your kit.
  •   If you arrive early for your detail you will need to sit in your car until the previous detail are all in their card and ready to leave.
  •   Do not sign the attendance book in the 25 yard range as your electonic booking will count as a record of attendance.
  •   Target frames will be left in place at 50. The red flags and wind flags will be kept in the main area of the 100 yard range and gloves must be worn to put these out and in.
  •   Targets will be left on the side in the main area of the 100 yard range, please do not go into the 25 yard range to pay, advise via email of any targets used and this can be settled up at a later date.
  •   All kit is to be set up on the 50 Metre range.
  •   If more than 1 person is shooting you will need to nominate a range officer between you and it is advisable this person deals with the target frames, flags and changing of targets for all shooters.